The Experts in Custom Asian Food Manufacturing, Sauce Development & Production, Co-Packing, Turnkey Asian Food Concepts, Global Sourcing

We are one of the largest custom Asian food manufacturing, sauce development & production, and co-packing companies in the US (including a raw & cooked USDA Certified facility).

Our corporate headquarters and facilities are strategically located in Garland, Texas (near Dallas/DFW). We have our own on staff Corporate Executive Chef and top notch culinary team that are ready to develop new sauces and foods for you — or we can match your products to exact specs.

Our company was founded over 20 years ago with the understanding and primary goal of providing world class Asian food manufacturing, production and co-packing services to our clients. Our entire team takes great pride in making our clients happy by providing the “best of the best” products and services.

Expertise in:

  • “Clean label” and all natural foods
  • Custom Asian Food Manufacturing
  • Sauce Development & Production (sauces, soups, broths – USDA Certified for proteins)
  • Co-packing of Meats & Foods (for grocery/retail & food service)
  • Poultry and Raw Meats Division for Preparation, Marination & Cooking (USDA Certified facility)
  • Turnkey Asian Food Concepts (Meal Kits & Meal Solutions, par and fully cooked, packed 2lb to 50lb packs)
  • Global Sourcing (of your hard to find foods, meats, seafood and spices)

Consider us your “go to” source for all Asian Foods from A-Z…

Our facility:

  • Over 100,000 sq ft (across 3 processing plants)
  • USDA & FDA Certified
  • Daily USDA inspections (by our own USDA on-site inspector)
  • SQF Level 2 Certified
  • 7 steam kettles produce 30,000+ lbs capacity a day
  • Large walk-in holding freezers and coolers
  • Water chilled sauce production for sauces made with meat (USDA Certified)


Over the years, we have become experts in offering “Clean Label Foods” made with all natural ingredients. Our team of culinary and food service professionals is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. We leave nothing to chance and focus on extreme attention to detail.

The experts in:

  • Clean label conversion: Our on staff Corporate Chef and culinary team have become experts at converting existing sauces and food offerings over to “Clean Label” products (by using only All Natural Ingredients). Let us help you “clean up” one of your existing signature food or sauce products that you’ve always wanted to show “Made with all natural ingredients” on the label.
  • Sauce Development & Production: High expertise in creating, matching, reverse engineering & manufacturing all different types of “Clean Label” Asian and other sauces in our FDA & USDA Certified facility (Ex. Asian, Latin, Mexican, Italian sauces). We have over 20 different Asian sauces that our Corporate Chef and culinary team have created and produced to absolute perfection (nearly all clean label) — or we can custom develop to your specs.
  • Co-packing: A true time, labor and cost savings feature of our services. Co-packing and assembly of foods, sauces, proteins and starches for the grocery/retail and food service sector. We co-pack foods and sauces that we create and manufacturer in our own facilities – and we can bring in or source foods from your facility or outside supplier. Let us take the hassle, time and effort to cut, marinate and pack your existing meats and foods to give your retail customers, professional chefs and F&B kitchen staff more time for other important tasks.
  • Global Sourcing of bulk Asian food products and sauces: We research, import and source the highest quality of unique, “Clean Label” and special Asian foods, sauces, appetizers, entrees and ingredients from all over the USA and around the world. A key part of our growth came from our team of professionals that are masters at finding and sourcing those “hard to find” Asian ingredients, products and sauces such as a special curry, garlic puree, to seafood and meat products (made with all natural ingredients, phosphate and chemical free).
  • Meal Kits & Meal Solutions: Another valuable time, labor and cost savings option for your chefs and kitchen staff will be our well designed Meal Kits and Meal Solutions. Allow our culinary team to create and co-pack a “Meal Kit” to your exact specs or choose from one of our many options, such as our delectable “Sriracha Sweet & Sour Chicken”, “Lemongrass Chicken”, “Korean BBQ Chicken & Vegetables” or our very own “Italian Breaded Chicken w/ Spicy Marinara Sauce”. Our meal kits are primarily Asian & Latin Cuisine – however, we’re ready to create a completely new Meal Kit solution to your current specs or ideas. For example: We’ll prepare, par-cook and co-pack together 2lbs of vegetables, 2lbs protein, 2lbs starch and 2lbs of sauce / on delivery, your team simply opens the case, puts out on a tray or steamer and cooks according to the instructions easily displayed on the label.
  • Experts in Chem-free and Antibiotic Free Beef Flank Steak (from expert cutting to providing the best flank steak options for your menu or meal package):  Allow our team of culinary production line experts to perfectly cut our beef flank steak and other meats from 0-60 degrees (with our especially designed Japanese cutting machine w/ bias cuts).
  • Ask us about our perfectly cut and deliciously marinated beef flank steak to add to your menu or existing “Mongolian Beef”, “Sweet & Spicy Beef Stir Fry” or other beef dishes. We will be your “behind the scenes go to source” for the best sliced beef flank steak in the USA. We consider our beef flank steak to be unmatched and best-in-class.


We service the top food service and retail suppliers in the country – including food service companies, distributors, co-packing for nationally branded companies, large grocery and big box stores, schools, universities – and can also serve national chain hotels and restaurants as well as large corporate kitchens.


We have our own on-site quality control and assurance team members that are solely focused on maintaining and monitoring your foods and sauces to the very highest standards.

  • USDA & HACCP Certified facility
  • On-site USDA rep performing daily inspections
  • SQF Certified (Level 2)
  • Internal, Environmental, 3rd Party audits
  • QC inspected (each lot)
  • Annual third party audit
  • Microbiological Control Programs

It’s important to point out we truly go beyond what the federal, state and local health agencies ask for when it comes to keeping our food manufacturing facility clean and sterile.

Our food production team truly takes great pride in offering the very cleanest and best-in-class machinery so that you have only one choice… Bally Plus.


Think of us as your behind-the-scenes “go to source” for all Asian Foods & Sauces from A-Z. We are large enough to mass produce many different types of food products and sauces – however, we’re also still able to customize your requests and provide smaller orders.

Our team is extremely dedicated and laser focused on being one of your “go to” partners and we think of ourselves as “part of your team”. We’re also a group of very committed corporate chefs, food service and culinary professionals who want to see you succeed through your customers’ satisfaction and your own profitability.

Our ask: Just give us an opportunity to succeed and we will show you why we have become one of the largest and most preferred custom Asian food manufacturing, co-packing, sauce production and global sourcing companies in the USA.


We are here for you and ready to help.


Our entire team at Bally Plus Food Solutions


Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

At Bally Plus Food Solutions, we continually strive to maintain the highest level of social responsibility amongst our team internally as well as collaboratively with all our business partners, vendors and clients.  This means, we are fully committed to researching, analyzing and identifying the most socially responsible companies we can work with across all our food channels globally.

This is by no means an easy task for us to maintain — however, we fully believe in and stand behind the premise that all our food products purchased or sold by our company must come from companies that also maintain the highest level of social responsibility.

Because of our extreme attention to this matter, we have established even deeper and longer lasting relationships with our corporate clients nationwide.  Our team continually examines our own supply chain and vendor relationships to ensure we are providing you, our client, the highest level of service, product and sustainability that any company across this great nation can provide.

For example, our Vice President personally visits and audits all of our top food vendors here in the US and internationally to make sure they are going above and beyond to adhere to child labor laws and are performing well above the accepted USDA and FDA guidelines.

Bally Plus Food Solutions

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