We experience on a daily basis how important our team is to the success of our business.  In co-packing you don't talk about a one-time transaction but you talk about a long term relationship that will make the co-packer one of your strategic partners.

That's why we have to start talking in order to figure out if you and your product fit with our team and experience.

  • Bally Plus, strategically located in Dallas, Texas less than a few hours from key locations in the south: San Antonio, Bentonville,..etc.  Bally Plus has the capability to offer customers the latest in custom packaging and manufacturing.
  • Since Bally Plus began operations, we have sought to operate within the highest level of integrity.  We provide quality custom packaging according to the customer's specifications; as well as custom manufacturing, mixing, and labeling.  Our custom manufactured products are made specifically for you and only after you have placed the order, providing you with the freshness you want to pass along to your customers.  All products are packaged in our 36,000 square foot, climate controlled facility.
  • We also have logistical capabilities with our vendor's tractor-trailer.  Deliveries can be made to your or your customers' warehouses at a great price.

You have the product, or only a product idea...

Bally Plus Co-Packing is the 'missing link' in your 'going to market' strategy...

We produce different high quality specialty food products:

  • USDA and FDA compliant

  • Fresh or Frozen

  • Food Service or Retail Packaging

Our approved and inspected facility is conveniently located in Garland, TX, part of the DFW metroplex, in Dallas County in close proximity to both a major North-South Interstate (I-35) and a major East-West Interstate (I-20).

We can give you references in:

  • Frozen Goods like: Frozen meals of any type

  • Custom made sauces

We have what it takes to produce these high quality products:

  • Experience,

  • A wide range of equipment

  • A well trained crew

  • A team of top-notch suppliers

  • 36,000 sq. ft facility
  • 3 production capabilities
  • MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Pack – Custom packaging for various customers. 
  • Sauce Manufacturing – Capable of large production of any types of sauces, soups, or gravies.  Pack in 5 gal, 3 gal, or 1 gal buckets, as well as packed in pouches any where between 1 oz – 16 oz.
Bally Plus Quick Email Link

Sales Contact: James Jiang
Production Contact: Bob Cocat
Procurement Contact: Pauline Chen
Let BALLY PLUS be your partner

Ladies and Gentleman,

Bally Plus is ready and willing to be a
great asset to your organization.  Our operation has the ability to produce a great product for you.  Here is looking forward to doing business with you.

                           Leon Hsu
                   President and CEO

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