We would like to show you a glimpse of the wide array of Asian food products and sauces available from Bally Plus Food Solutions. While this page shows you a nice variety of some of our custom made Meal Kits, Sauces, Soups, and Appetizers, it is only a part of our vast array of products offered.


Be sure to ask us about our Master List of Asian Products, such as:

  • Our Asian sauces – Over 20 of our own sauces and ready to create or reverse engineer your sauces from spec to completely original recipes (see below).
  • Our Appetizers – From our traditional “Clean Label” Pot Stickers & Pork Spring Rolls, Clean Label Shrimp Shumai – to our Indian Selection (including onion bhaji, vegetable pakora, vegetable Samosa) — to many varieties of Egg Rolls (including – Garlic Ginger Chicken, Thai Chili Chicken, Sriracha Chili Chicken, Philly Cheesesteak and Cheeseburger Egg Rolls).
  • Our Proteins, Seafood & Starches Including our best-in-class, perfectly cut and delectably marinated Antibiotic & Chem Free Beef Flank Steak to our Breaded Chicken Breast Strip (crispy chicken).
  • And our Meal Kits – A true benefit of choosing one of our Meal Kits will be a time and cost savings to you and your bottom line. Try one of our fully prepared “Kits” that will include a 2lb bag of protein, 2lb bag of sauce and 2lb bag of veggies. Each case is accurately measured, cut, marinated and completely ready for your team to unpack and immediately cook to the delight of your customers.

Try one of our “Clean Label Asian Sauces”, such as:

Honey Sriracha sauce, Sweet Thai chili sauce, General Tsao’s sauce, Cherry Blossom sauce, Chinese BBQ sauce, Szechaun sauce, Tum Yum sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Orange sauce, Lemon sauce, Sweet and Sour sauce and our Stir fry (cooking) sauce… just to name a few.  All packed from 5oz to 55 gallon drums for your convenience.